jQuery Lightboxes

  1. Colorbox

    Colorbox is a modern, flexible jQuery lightbox plugin with plenty of customization options.

  2. Darkbox

    Darkbox is a simple but powerful plugin for viewing images in a lightbox style format.

  3. DOM Window

    DOM Window is a super lightweight, bare bones lightbox script ready for use in your development projects.

  4. Facebox

    Facebox is a Facebook-style lightbox script created by Dynamic Drive.

  5. Fancybox

    Another popular lightbox plugin, Fancybox is a great tool for displaying images, HTML content and media on your webpage.

  6. jQuery Lightbox

    Simple but powerful jQuery Lightbox script.

  7. jQuery UI Dialog

    The official jQuery UI dialog box widget can serve as a lightbox or be used for prompts and alerts.

  8. jSquares

    jSquares is a unique jQuery based plugin that creates a "popup" with an image and a description when the user hovers over part of the screen.

  9. Lightbox_me

    Lightbox_me is a unique lightbox plugin that can automatically convert any DOM element into a lightbox.

  10. nyroModal

    nyroModal is an extremely customizable modal window/ lightbox plugin for jQuery.

  11. Popeye

    jQuery popeye is an "inline lightbox alternative" that provides an elegant way to display a sequence of images, including enlarged versions, without leaving the regular page flow.

  12. Popover

    Popover is a plugin for recreating an iPad-style "popup" navigation effect on the web.

  13. PrettyPhoto

    PrettyPhoto is a "full blown media" lightbox plugin that supports images, videos, Flash, iframes and AJAX.

  14. Shadowbox JS

    The Shadowbox jQuery plugin is a "media viewer application that supports all of the web's most popular media publishing formats."

  15. SimpleModal

    SimpleModal is an easy to install, super lightweight jQuery lightbox widget.

  16. ThickBox

    ThickBox is a hugely popular lightbox widget written using jQuery.